The Congress of Future Medical Leaders

An Opportunity of a Lifetime for High-Achieving Students Interested in Science, Medicine, and Medical Technology

June 21-23, 2023 | Virtual Event

The Congress of Future Medical Leaders is a highly selective program honoring academically superior high school students dedicated to the service of humanity through medicine and destined for careers as doctors and medical scientists.

Our in-person conference is now closed and for the first time we are offering the Congress as a global livestream event. Students will experience all the same content in real time, receive the Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence and be eligible to earn college credit.

Does your child qualify?

✔︎ IF your child aspires to a career as a physician (M.D.) or medical scientist (Ph.D.), including as a biologist, engineer, software or hardware technologist, or mathematician

✔︎ IF your child is in high school

✔︎ IF your child has a 3.5+ GPA
(this is mandatory; proof will be required)

... they qualify to attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.

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Your child's future in medicine starts here...

Participants in this elite virtual gathering will include:

  • Winners of the Nobel Prize, the most prestigious award in the world
  • Award-winning young inventors and scientists
  • Prominent medical school deans
  • ​​Leaders in medicine
  • Medical futurists and innovators

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity  for students — to be part of a unique three-day event filled with awe-inspiring motivation, excitement, friendship, and education…

...all while making important steps towards growing their network, accruing college credit, and paving the way for a successful career in medicine.

Here’s How Your High-Achiever Will Benefit From Attending


Your child will be mentored by some of the greatest minds in medicine — men and women who are literally leading humanity into the medical miracles of the 21st century


​​They will discuss and observe state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and be inspired by world-changing researchers, futurists, and technologists


They will view surgery and have an opportunity to submit questions for the surgeon to answer in real-time during the procedure


High-achieving students will receive a Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence and are eligible to earn college credit


They will make friendships with those who share the same dreams and passion — other young people like themselves who want to truly make a difference and devote their futures to saving lives


Their attendance at the Congress will enrich their academic profile when applying to competitive colleges and universities. It may also be an important part of their showcase of extracurricular experience and achievements as they write application essays and prepare for college


They will earn a personal letter of recommendation from a Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine — an invaluable asset to have as they set their sights on prestigious universities and stride into their future as a Medical Leader

This virtual event could very well be the pivotal experience that sets your child apart from the thousands of other aspiring students of medicine, and puts them on the path of Leadership and Renown.

Don't let your child miss out on the opportunity to get ahead and stand out.


Checkout what our alumni have to say...

Before the Congress I was not sure if the medical field was right for me. I always knew I had a passion for research and answering questions, but I always felt odd- especially because I had my own lab set up in my garage! But once I reached the Congress and I felt the energy and enthusiasm from those around me, I knew I was exactly where I belonged. I wasn’t odd anymore, I was a part of a family that wanted nothing else but to help me pursue my dreams of becoming a medical examiner. This new group of people I found myself in really helped inspire me and reassure me that I was on the right track to my future.
-Emily Neff
Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence

Pictured above: Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence

Your child will also earn college credit.

The Award is used by students as part of their resume in seeking selective college admissions, scholarships, internships, and lab assignments.

More important still may be the contacts your child makes, as well as the learning, inspiration, and motivation which can give a whole additional aspect to a college essay or interview, and even impact future academic as well as even career performance and success.

Your child will also be qualified to earn college credit for the Congress, and thus demonstrate to universities and other programs and institutions that they have already completed college-level work even though still in high school.

In the competitive world of college admissions, your child simply MUST find new and creative ways to stand out from the other high achievers they are competing with.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Congress will be historic in nature. Thousands of the country's most gifted high school students will gather together with the brightest medical minds of today.

The Congress is an honors-only program for high school students who have a demonstratable GPA of 3.5 or above and want to become physicians or go into medical sciences. The purpose of the Congress is to honor, inspire, motivate, and direct the top students in our country and help them stay true to their dreams.

The lifetime friendships made with future colleagues and the opportunity to network with medical professionals can also give Congress Delegates a competitive edge and greater focus as they begin their journey into a career in medicine.

Most importantly, after the Congress, Delegates will enter into the Academy’s free mentoring program which will provide them with resources to create a path and plan to help them reach their goals.

After attending the Congress of Future Medical Leaders and completing the Congress quiz to prove attendance, and upon verification of a 3.5+ GPA, students will receive the Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence. The Award is earned by attending all three days of the Congress, participating in activities, and exhibiting leadership in and dedication to the medical profession.
The education, motivation, and recognition at the Congress can inspire students to take the personal actions necessary to become much stronger candidates for competitive college and medical school admissions.

Attendance at the Congress can also enrich a student’s academic profile by adding to their showcase of extracurricular experience and achievement needed when applying to colleges and universities.

The Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence is used by Delegates in college, scholarship, and internship applications.

Based on the educational value of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, Delegates have the option to earn one college credit offered by Bottega University. More information on college credit, including on the coursework and refund policy is available here.

Students have the opportunity to hear from a line-up of incredible speakers. In the past, Delegates have been mentored by distinguished physicians, medical scientists, Nobel Laureates, deans of medical schools, young geniuses, and more. Take a glance at past speakers here >

The Congress of Future Medical Leaders gives top students a significant advantage over other high-achieving peers in reaching their academic and career goals as aspiring future physicians and medical scientists.

Become your child's greatest hero and help them achieve their dream of becoming a doctor...

If you have any questions regarding the Congress, our admissions team is here for you!
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